Channel 4 Announce New Show


“Cam Dine With Me ”


The David Cameron Poster Saga


What a DICK!

As it happens!

Everybody’s laughing at Davey’s absurd election poster in which he looks incredibly fresh faced !!!! Pop along here to see some brilliant examples of the election poster that has spectacularly backfired  !

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Thatcher State Funeral Controversy


Should Thatcher, the wicked old witch have a state funeral? Should it not be something appropriate to sum up the nations feeling towards this evil hag ? Possibly something like this…………

As Frankie Boyle so eloquently put it

“surely it would be cheaper to buy everybody in Scotland a spade in order to dig a hole so deep thus enabling her to be delivered directly to Satan”

No State Funeral

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

What The Nation Thinks ?

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