Prince Harry- An Apology


Before attending a recent fancy dress party with chums, Prince Harry gave an unreserved apology for using the term “Paki.” (Story here)

It was a joke” said Harry, “One feels like an absolute spazzy using such outdated terminology. I accept it was,like, a totally gay thing to do and I apologise to all the blacks, my bird with the lovely tits  was mortified.”

As Dumbledore

As "Dumbledore"

In more controversy the “Half Wit Prince” says he was persuaded by chums to dress up “Just like Dumbledore” at a recent fancy dress bash in Henley. “I mean after one was tricked into dressing up as  the Hun last time, one can’t be too careful!  Surely nobody can take offence at one dressed up as a harmless, jolly old  wizard” . Indeed Harry, indeed.

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