Help End Human Slavery


At £120,000 plus a week, I’d take that sort of slavery, over my own “freedom” any day.
Ronaldo complains that he is a modern day slave ,(story here ) whilst Frank Lampard claims Chelsea’s offer of £140,000 a week ( yes A WEEK) is an “insult.” (article here. ) So please, please spare a thought for poor Christiano and Frank, we share their pain.

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The Champions League Final


New Bespoke designer  Suit £ 8,000
UnneccesarilyFlash Ferrari  £ 172,000
W.A.G. Approved Jimmy Choos £800.00
Ego massage £500.00

Falling over on your arse, when taking the most important
penalty in your clubs history in front of a global audience of billions…


Rumours are that  Chelsea captain John Terry is looking for a
new boot sponsor

(Ps The Verve have released a tribute song to John Terry after his
penalty blunder…
Its called “The Studs Don’t Work”)