MP’s forced to live on “rations” says Duncan


Alan Duncan, the Tory frontbencher who has redinfined the pharse “arrogant f*ck-wit” and has an unfortunate habit of producing verrbal diarrohea on an alarmingly regular basis, has said that MPs are being treated like “shits” and forced to live on “rations” following the expenses scandal. (see story here)

Let’s recap what millionaire oil trader Alan considered legitmate expenses before public fury put a temporary halt to the gravy train.  He claimed £4,000 in  gardening costs which included £598 to overhaul a ride-on lawn-mower and then a further £41 to fix a puncture.  He also had an earlier claim in of £3,194 for gardening expenses rejected by the fees office, which wrote to Mr Duncan suggesting that the claim might not be “within the spirit of the rules .” Pfft ,what’s a boy to do ?

So the next time you’re sweating over paying a credit card bill, redundancy or where to make cuts in the household budget, spare a thought, or maybe even a bob or two for your MP,  don’t treat them with contempt, don’t label them unctuous, grasping, selfish, greedy out of touch shits …… times are hard in Westminister these days-have a heart.

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