Bad Week For Brown


Not been the best of weeks for the Prime Minister has it ?

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Amongst the comings and goings in a week fraught with resignations, Machiavellian plotting and general media hysteria there was the curious case of Caroline Flint. She resigned claiming  that she was no longer willing to be treated as  “female window dressing”. Story here . We will certainly not be making any sexist jokes about being happy to offer Mrs Flint a position on our cabinet. No. She may have a valid point, but sadly she will stand accused by many, of playing the “sexist card”.  Her statement the day prior to her resignation would have many questioning her real motivation.

“I am staying in the government.”I have spent my entire ministerial career for six years now serving Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and I am very proud to be in a Labour government and very proud to be part of Gordon Brown’s government.

Her position suddenly changed the following day when it transpired she wasnt to be offered the job she thought her “loyalty” deserved, as she sobbed “Several of the women attending cabinet – myself included – have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing.”I am not willing to attend cabinet in a peripheral capacity any longer.”

Brown of course denied he had  ever regarded Mrs Flint as “window dressing”, as our exclusive picture clearly demonstrates.

And to top it all………….…. ( Story here)

But despite all of the above, it doesn’t stop Cameron being a useless T*at either,  does it ?

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