Gordon Brown “Not Racist” Shocker !


Gordon Brown today stands accused of NOT being a racist. By refusing to endorse the views of a mad,  deluded old lady  sporting the sort of  hairstyle popularised by middle England style guru Jeremy Clarkeson, Brown has been forced into a humiliating  apology for his lack of “Little Englander” credentials.  George Osborne, barely able to conceal his glee, crowed  “The thing about general elections is that they reveal the truth about people”. ( By that logic  his transformation into slug should be complete any-day now.)

Things kicked off in Rochdale, when after an exchange that seemed as dull as it was  innocuous,  the Prime Minister privately described “typical” former Labour voter Gillian Duffy, as a bigot.  Alas for hapless Gordo,  the all hearing ears of Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News  picked up this remark via a mic that was still switched on.    But was hecorrect?  Was he merely making a private comment that many may agree with?   Because invariably a conversation that starts with  “ and all those immigrants from Eastern Europe”..is the sort of comment that can be put in the same category as ” look, I’m a card carrying member of the Whitney Fan Club, got nothing against ’em . . . BUT…..”

You obviously don’t need a road map to see where this ends.  However Gillian Duffy, it transpires, does…..( a sat nav voice over is but a Max Clifford phone-call away.)

Gillian Duffy , not good at Geography?

Sadly to make political capital out of such tommy-rot only plays into the hands of The Tories and the BNP.

Nick Griffin , he's never voted Tory so they say ?
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