UK Election 2010…and the winner is …


The public say  Get Lost!
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The UK election was without doubt, one of the most fascinating and unpredictable for decades. It had the lot, tears, tantrums, the decimation of the BNP, UKIP leader Nigel Fargae, crashing his aeroplane ( a problem with the right wing apparently ).  It also featured the added drama of voters in a number of constituencies being turned away from polling stations, unable to exercise their democratic right. The UK Electoral Commission is said to be “undertaking a thorough review” of instances where voters have been unable to cast their ballots.  They have yet to confirm the rumour that Robert Mugabe has offered to dispatch neutral observers to ensure the next election is all above board!

Yes the general public have spoken and their overwhelming message was quite clearly  “erm..” leaving the three main party leaders  lost in political limbo. With no clear winner, maybe the electorate’s message to politicians was quite simply “get lost..”

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Deal Or No Deal – Nick Clegg Holds The Ace…


Nick Clegg-Election 2010-Deal Or No Deal
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So we have a hung Parliament and all the feverish  talk of huge Liberal Democrat  gains amounted to nothing more than hot air and broken dreams.  The Tories failed (despite being bankrolled by  Cashcroft and enjoying the support of Murdoch’s huge media machine) to gain majority.  And so now Cameron ‘the man who would be king’ is reduced to attempting to broker  deals with the Lib Dems, the Unionists, a Shetland pony called Roy, hell, anybody who will assist him  in fulfilling his “birthright”…

So will the Liberal Democrat’s get into to bed with current PM  Gordon Brown and form a government? Or will Nick Clegg risk an STD and allow David Cameron to seduce him with flaccid promises of  “an all party committee on electoral reform”. A fairly shit chat up line me thinks…

But it’s Cleggs shout…Deal or No Deal ?

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UK Election 2010 -A Nightmare On Downing Street


David Cameron - A Nightmare On Downing Street

Simon Indelicate ( Of  The Indelicates)  tells us why he loves election night and why a Tory government would be no fun…..

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Last Ditch Effort

“I have a serious character flaw: I don’t want to be ordinary. I don’t ever want to be a member of an audience.  I am only happy backstage, peering out through curtains at amorphous crowds. I want to conduct them – to raise and quiet applause with a gesture – not stand among them. I want to commentate, not participate. I long for an occult understanding of the manipulable mechanisms that operate complex things. I want to be a witchdoctor, predicting the returns of summers and taking credit when I am proved correct.

As such, I’ve always loved elections. Like nothing else, they are a gift to people like me – arcane historical motions steeped in complex mathematics and eccentric insider traditions. When I learn that a party can come third in percentage terms and still be awarded enough seats to form the largest parliamentary grouping I get a little, embarassing thrill that I understand why and someone else doesn’t. When I hear that the Prime Minister has reacted pretty much as I would to hearing an old woman blather ludicrously on about eastern europeans, I don’t for a moment think that immigration is the issue at the story’s core: I think on a meta-level – I think about what it will mean, who it will sway, how it will play with undecideds, whether the public will warm to the glimpse of humanity or be disgusted with the Big-Brother-win-forfeiting crime of two-facedness…

This is all because I am, by birth and nature among the political classes. My parents never paid for my education, but I went to a state grammar school almost entirely populated by former prep school boys who had, by sheer and remarkable coincidence, been identified as the cleverest local kids in a fair and wholly accurate verbal reasoning test. I’ve got a politics A-Level, I attend counts and stay up all night for european election results. When I was 17 I won a national prize for debating, a title awarded to those who are the best at arguing a case with passion, commitment and eloquence that they have been handed a quarter of an hour before doing so. I’ve always known that politics was such a performance. We stripped belief for parts and reassembled it to convince people that we shared it. The Death Penalty, Abortion, Euthanasia, Privatisation, Poverty, Climate Change – they are just capitalised topics, fonts of rhetoric to be picked at for advantage, stages to play on. That’s what being of the political classes means – that people’s lives are chess pieces to help us to get our names onto little shields and precious websites.

I recognise my brethren everywhere in the media and politics. We are drawn to the swingometers and home-guard-ish returning officers and we babble excitedly about the process of it all. To us, ‘discussion of policy’, ‘smears’, ‘passion’ and ‘spin’ are all in the same category. They are tactics – like blows during a turn based RPG battle: Brown performs a medium strength  appeal to class solidarity on Cameron’s upper body, yielding +2 EXP, -4 INT and a heartland bonus of +3 CHR…

It’s a game and we’ve read the rulebook and we don’t believe that anybody else has and that makes us special. More special than you, undecided voter so easily swayed by Saatchi posters and gaffes; more special than you, mumsnet whom we so nearly decided to name the election after; more special than you, old woman, worrying about your little care home; more special than you, ordinary man, charmingly expressing your little opinion outside Dixons. We’re the guys behind the curtain – quake before the great and terrible Oz.

And I love it. Deep down, I do. I love it all. Except, this time, there’s this thing that’s happening and it really feels like we might elect a conservative government and it isn’t fun – it’s horrible.

For so long it has been an item of received wisdom that the main parties are all the same. If you have only been paying attention for the last thirteen years, you might well feel that this is true – The Labour years have been awash with disappointments, attacks on civil liberties, terribly planned wars and stupid laws. But they have been punctuated with the minimum wage, huge improvements to the NHS, the lifting of huge numbers of children out of poverty, real peace in Northern Ireland, real Gay rights, even free fruit for infant schools… There is a gap between the records of these parties – a narrow gap maybe, but any gap with a million children in is a gap worth recognising the existence of.

To us who spend the days before elections writing self-serving blogposts and trying to make things trend on twitter – it is incredibly appealing to see the contest as between three rivals from our ranks. We like the narrative that identifies ‘change’ as a desire and animating force among the munchkins. We assume that David Cameron will be the beneficiary and we think it’s delightful that the Liberal Democrats might have convinced enough people to cause a plot wobble in the story arc.

We like to dissect whether or not this ‘Big Society’ thing is connecting with people. But what does it mean, really? When Tories promise to “Promote the delivery of public services by social enterprises, charities and voluntary groups, encouraging them to get involved in running things like “Sure Start”, does that mean that they will rely on the generosity of rich people to counter the aggressive cutting of services that make people’s lives more bearable? Does it mean that in poor areas where people aren’t willing to help, people will suffer? Johann Hari makes a persuasive case that it does.

When they promise to “Recognise marriage and civil partnerships in the tax system, bringing us into line with other major European countries and making 4 million couples up to £150 per year better off” does that mean that they plan to institutionalise a world-view that looks down on blameless single mothers, widows and unconventional couples while doing as close to fuck all as possible to actually benefit anybody on the basis of a basic misreading of the statistic that married people are less likely to split up (as close to a perfect correlation/causation fallacy as it is possible to imagine)? Well, yes, yes it does.

When they promise to cut spending immediately and usher in an ‘age of austerity’ (a phrase quietly dropped in response to bad polling) does that mean a double dip recession as poor, tired, silly old Gordon Brown warns? Well, yes, it probably does. It’s happened in some countries and has been halted in countries where the opposite policy has been pursued. Does it mean that the unemployment and house reposessions I remember from the early 90s will happen again? Again, yes, probably – Jonathan Freedland makes a convincing case here.

When David Cameron says that we can’t have a hung parliament because that will mean decisions being made in smoky backrooms by politicians – does that mean that, in the event of a hung parliament he himself  intends to try and make decisions in smoky backrooms so as to overturn constitutional convention and ride press momentum into power? Again, reports say yes.

When he says he’s making ‘a contract with you’, does that mean that he’s going to honour it precisely until the moment when, driven by inevitable crisis or political necessity, he is forced to compromise with the base of his party in order to shore up his position? Does that mean he’ll be compromising with Tebbit? With Philippa Stroud? With the Chris Graylings who had the sense to keep quiet? With his Extremist partners in the european parliament? With, not to put too fine a point on it, FUCKING TORIES. Yes. Yes it does.

I have been criticised for not making a positive case for any party, just attacking negatively and I admit it. It’s not easy. I think there are reasons to support Labour, reasons to support the Libdems and plenty of reasons not to. But at this stage, I barely care – I don’t fear either party because they are on the other side of a real gap with real people in it who will really suffer. I do fear the Tories. They terrify me.

I’d like nothing more tomorrow than to stay up all night gleefully waiting for Portillo moments and unopenable magnums and good old Paxman having a nice old go at someone and swingometers and exit polls and Andrew Neill and funny old Nick Robinson and what will Galloway say and will Caroline Lucas win and who’ll try to put a positive spin on the exit polls and look its animated MPs in a CG parliament and aren’t we all clever with our analysis and predictions and isn’t Britain just marvellous…

But this is because I suck. I love the process and I don’t want to think about what it means. But fuck me and all my chums. We’re elitist, entitled nerds and we are obscuring the things that matter. It’s not fun anymore, it matters, and if you are scared of the country this will become if Cameron becomes Prime Minister on Friday then please do not let us distract you – just use your vote any way that you can to stop it happening. It isn’t too late.

(Simon Indelicate)

So you know what to do….

Last word to sum up how many of us feel from Gary Younge

“I don’t have a phobia about Tories. That would suggest an irrational response. I hate them for a reason. For lots of reasons, actually. For the miners, apartheid, Bobby Sands, Greenham Common, selling council houses, Section 28, lining the pockets of the rich and hammering the poor – to name but a few. I hate them because they hate people I care about. As a young man Cameron looked out on the social carnage of pit closures and mass unemployment, looked at Margaret Thatcher’s government and thought, these are my people. When all the debating is done, that is really all I need to know.” ( Full article here )

Not as offensive as The Suns front page

Not as offensive as the actual Sun newspaper front page

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Odds increase for a hung Parliament


UK Election 2010 -Hung Parliament A Real Possibility

Many voters probably wouldn’t object to the above scenario and  apathy and mistrust towards  a system that appears to be   inherently  corrupt is understandable.  However not voting at all  is a bit like saying…“I’m going to wear sweat pants and a man nappy for the rest of my life, I have given up “..Predictions today suggest that a hung parliament is still on the cards, The Sunnewspaper” and others with vested interests  would seek to convince you that this would be an unmitigated  disaster for the country, and Murdoch has allegedly already issued the Sun’s editor the diktat that  it’s his job to “fu*king get Cameron into fu*king Number 10 ” .

There are still vital seats to be won and lost, so don’t be  manipulated  into voting for a party you don’t support purely to avoid Murdoch’s scaremongering  “nightmare scenario” propaganda and self- interested bullshit (you can register your disapproval of media manipulation  HERE ).  If people don’t actually  get out and vote, then the Tories may actually scrape a  majority, and having lived through  corrupt and uncaring Tory governments in the past, I know giving them the keys to number 10 would be a  f**king  disaster. So here’s a guide to tactical voting aimed at  keeping the Tories out on May 6th (download HERE ) .  Do the right thing, don’t vote Tory, do vote tactically.

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Gordon Brown “Not Racist” Shocker !


Gordon Brown today stands accused of NOT being a racist. By refusing to endorse the views of a mad,  deluded old lady  sporting the sort of  hairstyle popularised by middle England style guru Jeremy Clarkeson, Brown has been forced into a humiliating  apology for his lack of “Little Englander” credentials.  George Osborne, barely able to conceal his glee, crowed  “The thing about general elections is that they reveal the truth about people”. ( By that logic  his transformation into slug should be complete any-day now.)

Things kicked off in Rochdale, when after an exchange that seemed as dull as it was  innocuous,  the Prime Minister privately described “typical” former Labour voter Gillian Duffy, as a bigot.  Alas for hapless Gordo,  the all hearing ears of Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News  picked up this remark via a mic that was still switched on.    But was hecorrect?  Was he merely making a private comment that many may agree with?   Because invariably a conversation that starts with  “ and all those immigrants from Eastern Europe” the sort of comment that can be put in the same category as ” look, I’m a card carrying member of the Whitney Fan Club, got nothing against ’em . . . BUT…..”

You obviously don’t need a road map to see where this ends.  However Gillian Duffy, it transpires, does…..( a sat nav voice over is but a Max Clifford phone-call away.)

Gillian Duffy , not good at Geography?

Sadly to make political capital out of such tommy-rot only plays into the hands of The Tories and the BNP.

Nick Griffin , he's never voted Tory so they say ?
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Bad Week For Brown


Not been the best of weeks for the Prime Minister has it ?

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Amongst the comings and goings in a week fraught with resignations, Machiavellian plotting and general media hysteria there was the curious case of Caroline Flint. She resigned claiming  that she was no longer willing to be treated as  “female window dressing”. Story here . We will certainly not be making any sexist jokes about being happy to offer Mrs Flint a position on our cabinet. No. She may have a valid point, but sadly she will stand accused by many, of playing the “sexist card”.  Her statement the day prior to her resignation would have many questioning her real motivation.

“I am staying in the government.”I have spent my entire ministerial career for six years now serving Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and I am very proud to be in a Labour government and very proud to be part of Gordon Brown’s government.

Her position suddenly changed the following day when it transpired she wasnt to be offered the job she thought her “loyalty” deserved, as she sobbed “Several of the women attending cabinet – myself included – have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing.”I am not willing to attend cabinet in a peripheral capacity any longer.”

Brown of course denied he had  ever regarded Mrs Flint as “window dressing”, as our exclusive picture clearly demonstrates.

And to top it all………….…. ( Story here)

But despite all of the above, it doesn’t stop Cameron being a useless T*at either,  does it ?

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A Nice Little Earner… MP’s Expenses


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So when is fraud not fraud ? Why when its an MP expense claim of course!  With so many MP’s stating “it was a mistake , an oversight, I was badly advised” one wonders whether such cretins, whose numeracy seems rudimentary at best,  are really the right people to be holding the public purse strings, let alone run the country?

You can bet your bottom dollar if this was, say,  a housing benefit scam, or indeed any other abuse of public money, prosecutions would follow….we shall see….

Here are some the high profile cases, remember, this is your money folks..

Gordon Brown

Mr Brown used his expenses to pay his brother Andrew £6,577 for cleaning work at his Westminster flat between 2004 and 2006. The brothers shared the cleaner at their two flats. Under the arrangement, Andrew Brown paid the cleaner and the Prime Minister reimbursed his share of the cost.

Jack Straw

The Justice Secretary claimed for the full cost of council tax, even though he received a 50% discount from his local authority. He repaid the money last summer, shortly after a High Court ruling requiring the receipts to be published. In a note to the fees office he wrote: “Accountancy does not appear to be my strongest suit.”

David Miliband

The Foreign Secretary claimed almost £30,000 for doing up his £120,000 constituency home over five years, it was reported. He spent up to £180 every three months on the garden at the property in South Shields. At the bottom of one receipt for £132.96 in April 2008, his gardener wrote a note questioning whether some of the work was necessary.

Hazel Blears

The Communities Secretary claimed for three different properties in a single year, spending almost £5,000 of taxpayers’ money on furniture in three months.

Margaret Beckett

The Housing Minister found herself in trouble with the Fees Office after attempting to claim £600 for hanging baskets and pot plants.

Andy Burnham

The Culture Secretary wrote a note to the fees office in which he pleaded for his expenses to be paid urgently and even wrote he “might be in line for a divorce” if the money did not materialise within days.

John Prescott

The taxpayer paid for the former deputy prime minister to fit the front of his home in Hull with mock Tudor boards and for his toilet seat to be repaired twice in two years. ( I have a horrible mental picture at this point)

John Reid

The former Home Secretary’s claims included a £199 pouffe, a £370 armchair, an £899 sofa and a £29.99 a “black glitter toilet seat”. ( Nice, so much for the “hard man” image eh?)

David Cameron

The Tory leader claimed a total of £82,450 on his second home allowance over five years which included a £680 bill for repairs to the property relating to the  clearing wisteria and vines from a chimney and replacing outside lights . (Good God, even his expense claims are bland and dull ! )

Oliver Letwin

Mr Letwin, who is in charge of drawing up the Conservative general election manifesto, claimed more than £2,000 to replace a leaking pipe under his tennis court. He said he had been ordered to mend the pipe by the local water company and did not make any improvements to the court or his garden. The taxpayer also picked up the tab for regular services to his Aga cooker.

Greg Barker

Mr Barker – the first prominent Tory to be caught up in the expenses row – reportedly made a £320,000 profit on a flat he bought at the taxpayers’ expense.

David Willetts

The shadow innovation, universities and skills secretary claimed £115 plus VAT to replace 25 light bulbs at his second home in west London. On the same claim – part of a £2,191 invoice for odd jobs that included cleaning a shower head – Mr Willetts charged another £80 to “change light bulbs in bathroom”. But parliamentary authorities pared the bill back by more than £1,000, refusing to refund £175 for a dog enclosure and £750 for a shed base. According to the Daily Telegraph, the fees office frequently cut his claims because of errors or overclaims.

Nick Herbert

The shadow environment secretary claimed back £10,000 of the £14,700 stamp duty when he bought a home with his partner in his constituency. He also charged for fees and a survey of the property in Arundel, West Sussex and claimed for the entire monthly mortgage interest even though his partner’s name was on the deeds

lan Duncan

The shadow leader of the Commons claimed thousands of pounds for his garden before agreeing with the fees office that the spending “could be considered excessive”. Millionaire Mr Duncan recouped £4,000 over three years. However, a £3,194 bill for gardening in March 2007 was not paid after officials responded suggesting that the claim might not be “within the spirit” of the rules, according to the Daily Telegraph. In a letter to the MP for Rutland and Melton, the fees office said that it expected gardening costs “to cover only basic essentials such as grass cutting”.

Nick Clegg

The current Lib Dem leader reported had his second home allowance docked last year after exceeding the £23,083 maximum by more than £100. Other claims made included £1,657.32 for food, and phone bills which included calls to Colombia and Vietnam.

Chris Huhne

The Lib Dem’s home affairs spokesman regularly submits claims for food and groceries including pints of milk, fluffy dusters and chocolate biscuits. Millionaire Mr Huhne, who is MP for Eastleigh in Hampshire, also expensed a £119 trouser press which was delivered to his main London home.

So how did this system of corruption ever become just a perk of the job ? Well as with many of societies ills it’s all Thatchers fault. According to Michael Brown, former Tory MP, Margaret Thatcher is to blame as she blocked a salary increase and introduced allowances instead, thus deceiving the electorate. “Cheeky Boy” Lembit Opik also backed up this claim saying that the whole system is wrong but that it was Thatcher’s fault because she introduced the current system and, he claimed,  encouraged MP’s to use expense claims as a means of supplementing their income.

Time for Madame Guillotine to make an appearance me thinks 😉

“Margaret On the Guillotine” By Morrissey

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The Problem With “Comic Relief”


“Today a colleague suggested I might like to shave my hair off, bark like a dog for the  day or dress up as character from Pirates of the Caribbean, all in the name of Comic Relief … I suggested he might like to F**k off.  If the incident proved anything, it proved he didn’t know me very well at all…. (He also brought in an enormous tray of Red Nose cakes, and failed to see the irony-help those without food by celebrating with a huge cake!)

Comic Relief?  Isn’t that the annual event which broadcasts the ridiculous spectacle of  Lenny Henry attempting to  revive his ‘brand’ and sees the BBC cast as a desperate paramedic giving the kiss of life  to the  freshly exhumed corpse that is Henry’s career?  Let us face it, the man’s about as funny as a case of gonorrhoea, but without the social relevance.  But Comic Relief?  Ah yes, that backslapping national w*nk fest when we feel at one with our celeb pals.  Anyone else find it nauseating, patronising and totally misguided?  The so-called 3rd world doesn’t actually want our charity or our pity – they have pride, they require independence and a level playing field – alas charity ensures that playing field remains forever tilted, and let’s not forget the one thing charity does exceptionally well is to make us feel good about ourselves!

Sadly well meaning donations are not the answer, it merely assuages those minor twinges of conscience we sometimes experience about the “poor people.”  Yet there is enough money in the world to genuinely make a difference, to give the “3rd World” a real chance to develop, alas the capitalist system dictates that they must instead be treated as inferior beings.  They must be dehumanised and turned into Gary Barlow sound tracked montages.  Do we really need  U2’s Bongo or Barlow or Moyles to prick our  national conscience ( prick being the operative word. ) every year just to keep the status  quo ?

Hey Kids ! Let’s give Africa some crumbs of comfort from our table of plenty when we have finished gorging ourselves to bursting point.  The problem is charity is a stopgap, never a solution and of course, it lets governments off the hook.  It allows our governments to carry on funding “Wars on Terror” (my mate Trevor’s dyslexic and sh*t himself when he first read that phrase!) and bail out the corrupt bankers, and multi nationals

Political pressure on governments could achieve a real sea change in how we live our lives, if we were prepared to make even some small sacrifices.  Sadly, we consider sitting in tubs of custard to be the only real sacrifice we need make.  But hey!  It shows we really are wacky, fun loving people, why I bet those African folk can hardly contain their mirth!

The long-term solution is political, but of course that’s not very entertaining is it, that’s boring, dull, worthy, and dry innit?  And of course, the petit bourgeois love their charitable fun and if Davina says it’s cool to have fun and raise money then it must be OK mustn’t it?  And Davina’s a gal’s best mate isn’t she?  I bet it would be great to go the pub with her ‘cos she’s like, so down to earth and sh*t

Bongo, Gary Barlow, David Beckham and all the backslapping sanctimonious chums, all the hypocrite millionaire rock stars and Z list celebs, with your jets and your mansions and your lectures about how we should donate money spare me your wisdom and piety… …Mind you I’ll give money willingly to keep Chris Moyles and Gary Barlow atop Kilimanjaro permanently, Brokeback Mountain for the terminally dull and talentless perhaps?  ….

You do wonder about peoples self worth when they have to live their lives vicariously through modern day philosophers like Cheryl and Jade and Myleene and Chris and Gary and their ilk.  The most profound thing I’ve ever heard Fern Cotton say is “Wicked innit” and frankly it changed my life.  Could she be any blander?  Well yes, the afore mentioned Davina would suggest so.

Of course, comic relief also helps celebs feel good about themselves too, raises their profile and in their disconnected little heads they can actually justify receiving a weekly wage, which would keep a small African republic’s economy afloat.  As Chumbawamba once sang with reference to, Live Aid “Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records” and they win Oscars too.  In “Slum Dog Millionaire only the good looking kids were cast, you know, the ones who have large liquid poetic eyes, like deep wells of misery and they are of course eminently  photogenic .  “For god sakes keep the ugly sick kids away from the cameras ….Jeez the ones with no teeth, conjunctivitis and rotting limbs might put  the cinema going public off their pop corn, and we don’t want to deal with reality really do we, this aint a f**king liberal commie pinko documentary Danny, this is entertainment for god sakes” !

People will defend comic relief saying it’s better to do something than nothing.  I’m not advocating doing nothing, I’m talking about taking radical action, doing something more than wearing a bright red nose like a badge of honour one day a year to denote your compassion and then behaving like a c*nt for the rest of the year.  Let’s pay more tax, let’s boycott celebs that are paid stupid money, let’s donate our season ticket money to pressure groups.  Will you do that?  Or will you merely wear a red nose and donate a fiver once a year.

However, we are all manipulated by the media and led by celebs and we lap it up, all of us!  Take the case of poor Jade Goody, is she really now an embodiment of the nations grief?  Did Gordon Brown really have to say, “Jane Goody’s plight is of concern to the nation” to be honest it took me a while trying to work out who this “Jane” lass was.  However, the Jade Goody coverage makes me want to vomit my own kidneys up.  Cancer negates racism eh?  So she’s now cast as Mother Theresa, and displaced “poor little Maddie” in the nation’s hearts.  Sad as it is that someone so young is dying, the voyeuristic hour by hour updates are truly ghoulish, sick and deeply disturbing, but African kids sell records and pictures of Jade sell newspapers and Joe Public LOVE it !  They want to actually see her die…they demand that final tragic picture….

It seems that today fame is the only justification for anybody’s existence, and our obsession with the lives of people who we don’t even know, seems to be the only way the masses feel connected.  We’ll spend hours searching the net and magazines for Jade related stories, cos we care,   yet next-door our 80-year-old neighbour has been dead for a week…………… nobodies noticed.

It’s a twisted world….

The short version

Labour “Big Guns” Behind Brown


Its great to know everybody’s behind you, Gordon (story here.)  Is Jack Straw really revolting ?

And then there are the Blairites who dream of the day their knight in shining armour rides in to save poor Gordon. But what is one persons dream, is another’s nightmare ! 😉

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Thatcher State Funeral Controversy


Should Thatcher, the wicked old witch have a state funeral? Should it not be something appropriate to sum up the nations feeling towards this evil hag ? Possibly something like this…………

As Frankie Boyle so eloquently put it

“surely it would be cheaper to buy everybody in Scotland a spade in order to dig a hole so deep thus enabling her to be delivered directly to Satan”

No State Funeral

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

What The Nation Thinks ?

Large Version

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Universal Economic Meltdown?


So the universal economic credit crunch continues to bite, but who is to blame, is it really all Gordon Brown’s fault, is he really responsible for the wolves being at the door ? And who can save us ?
The economy is certainly in need of a Doctor…..but who ?

Looks like we’re f**ked !

(ps/ And perhaps more importantly.. why has Billie Piper suddenly developed a lisp “Quick Doctha we need to escapth in the tardith ! ” Thankfully “Christotha Ecclethtan” left a few years back eh? 😉

David Davis resigns over 42-day terror law


David Davis, shadow home secretary  and one of the Tories’ political heavyweights, stunned Westminster by announcing he was quitting as both an MP and Shadow Home Secretary to fight against the Government’s “strangulation” of British freedoms. Davis is apparently opposed to the anti-terror bill that allows the authorities to detain terror suspects without charge for up to 42 days.

The shadow home secretary, who threw the Conservative leadership into turmoil, forcing a byelection in his constituency, yesterday, unveiled his campaign team …..