The Party’s Over


Meanwhile, as the stockmarket disappears up the buttocks of greed, I too find myself lacking in empathy or sympathy ,

The chastening of so called “celebs” is of course one of the many advantages of a recession,  finally people can see that the  emperor really is bollock naked.

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Universal Economic Meltdown?


So the universal economic credit crunch continues to bite, but who is to blame, is it really all Gordon Brown’s fault, is he really responsible for the wolves being at the door ? And who can save us ?
The economy is certainly in need of a Doctor…..but who ?

Looks like we’re f**ked !

(ps/ And perhaps more importantly.. why has Billie Piper suddenly developed a lisp “Quick Doctha we need to escapth in the tardith ! ” Thankfully “Christotha Ecclethtan” left a few years back eh? 😉