Badge Kissing Mercenaries



I’ve long given up following football since Murdoch’s filthy lucre  poisoned it’s well. The greed of the players now is probably on a par with bankers and despite my ambivalence towards footie  it’s still annoying when these badge kissing mercenaries show little regard for their club or fans.  The latest to throw his toys out of the cot is Liverpool striker Fernando Torres who has handed in a transfer request after hearing news of interest from  Chelsea –  They really are a shower of spoilt, pampered w**kers.

Help End Human Slavery


At £120,000 plus a week, I’d take that sort of slavery, over my own “freedom” any day.
Ronaldo complains that he is a modern day slave ,(story here ) whilst Frank Lampard claims Chelsea’s offer of £140,000 a week ( yes A WEEK) is an “insult.” (article here. ) So please, please spare a thought for poor Christiano and Frank, we share their pain.

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Gordon Brown writes letter to John Terry


Apparently Prime Minister Gordon Brown wrote to footballer John Terry
to sympathise with himafter his penalty miss cost Chelsea the European
Champions League title……sadly it transpires John”Mr Chelsea” Terry
did not recieve said message …. apparently “he just missed the post”
… 😉 (story here)

The Champions League Final


New Bespoke designer  Suit £ 8,000
UnneccesarilyFlash Ferrari  £ 172,000
W.A.G. Approved Jimmy Choos £800.00
Ego massage £500.00

Falling over on your arse, when taking the most important
penalty in your clubs history in front of a global audience of billions…


Rumours are that  Chelsea captain John Terry is looking for a
new boot sponsor

(Ps The Verve have released a tribute song to John Terry after his
penalty blunder…
Its called “The Studs Don’t Work”)