4 thoughts on “Music Blog

  1. I have following what appears to be your fascination with the pop group the Pippets. Now I don’t mind a bit of music myself, so I thought I would give them listen, I really do love them, could you perhaps furnish me with their addresses so I can attempt to offer them a Werthers original and possibly an after gig rub down with some liniment ?


    Chelsea Blagger

  2. Also, you will note product placement . But remain calm, a nice cup of milky “Horlicks” is always the perfect recipe to ensure an untroubled and contended nights sleep.

  3. Why the fook doesnt this here Von Pip site have anything to say about the X Factor?

    As the world’s expert on rock n roll and the creator of the best band since the Beatles, I have said many things about the X Factor in the worlds serious music press and in the serious tabloids.

    As everyone knows I am mad for it when it comes to music but I fookin hate this X Factor. Its just a fookin third rate kareoke programme and those mingin birds ‘Bad Lashs’ destroyed my beautiful and very deep song ‘Wonderwalls’.

    I reckon only John Lennon would have had the right to cover this song only he’s dead. In fact I had a lobster dinner the other day with Sir Paul McCartney and he told me that I should sue that ballonead Simon Cowell for deformation of rock n roll. Macca told me that I am the real 5th Beatle for sure and that in certain angles I actually look like a young John Lennon and I have the same very deep thoughts as he did.

    Macca also hates the X Factor and the fact that me and him who between us are the voice of rock n roll we are now asking all Von Pip fans not to ‘roll with it’ any longer and despite what ‘some might say’ this X Factor is shite and I dont want ayone to watch it anymore.

    Oh yeah and just like Ringo don’t send me anymore stuff to autograph coz I havnt got time -peace and love, peace and love, so don’t send anymore coz it’l get tossed-peace and love, peace and love.


  4. Well Noel old son, if you were truly down with the Flava of d’street you would know that I see Cowell as my Nemesis. I often blather on about him being the devil in disguise, keep up old son, or its Ovaltine Supernova Heights Retirement Home for Gentlefolk for you. You’ll be felling supersonic with Sanatogen wine tonic and no mistake. Hows your pet chimp ? Liam is it ?

    Have a look see here if you can peer beneath that gargantuan mono brow old son. I’d say it was an indication of a healthy hatred for the High-trousered poppinjay, r kid ! mad 4 it


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