Hilary Clinton – When Is A Lie Not A Lie?

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She may well have considered her Balkan adventure to be a case of “Courage Under Fire” but we at the VPE think its more a case of “Liar Liar” Well the Clintons have redefined what constitutes infidelity and now many a bloke can say “well dear does a blowie really count ?” Now they have reinvented what a lie is ! Apparently she didn’t tell fibs, porkies or even lie, oh no , she simply “misspoke.” almost as if it was quite accidental . The language of politics eh ?”Misspoke” sounds somehow softer, cuddlier than “YUP I lied” and was probably employed to leave us scratching our heads . (“Misspoke?” What the F**k does that even mean ? What did she misspeak about ?..  Dunno Can’t remember now , Man I’m confused ! Pass me another Bud, Dolores”)

Now the only “congress” I thought Bill was interested in was that of a sexual nature, but I thought Hilary had a bit more sense. Apparently not ! Who would be daft enough to vote for such a rotten fibber, one whose lies were so rubbish that I do actually believe at one point her pants actually caught fire ! At least the current President is a fine…oh …..erm.. wait..Hmmm..point taken. Leave ’em to it eh ! We note with no small amount of amusement that The Washington Post has awarded Hilary a “Four Pinocchio” rating

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