Labours Green Policies Slammed

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The Independent call it “The Great Green Betrayal” . But are we surprised that Gordon Brown isn’t green ? He doesn’t do colours really does he ? He ditched red for blue, and now like John Major seems quite content with various shades of grey. He’s hardly the Jolly Green Giant, more the Dour Grey Ditherer. Why on earth he invited that mad old shrew, Thatcher, to Downing Street last year I’ll never know. What advice could  she give him “ The Climates Not For Changing? “ . The only woman who’d keep pushing a door until the end of time that says “Pull” whilst growling “This ladies not for turning!!”  Some call it conviction politics, I call it mad as a bleeding hatter!”

Harry Windsor, Just A Regular Joe!

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After revelations that copper topped super hero Prince Harry has been fighting the Taliban single hand-idly, using only a tooth pick and plenty of British pluck in Afghanistan, the M.O.D have been quick to squash rumours that Harry was treated any differently to a regular soldier. They also deny that Harry’s presence there was a distraction, or that it could have put his unit in danger.  However our exclusive picture may suggest a different story…..

Beadles About – Erm Not Anymore..

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Jeremy Beadle, well known joker and candid camera style prankster has died. Apprently the poor fellow was denied medical treatment for years, as his whole
family thought he was playing an elaborate practical joke. Even his Gp Dr Enst
Van Tickler scoffed at Mr. Beadles claims of illness saying “Come along Jeremy,
very funny,you really are a hoot, but I do have  patients to deal with…”

I guess Jeremy really did have the last laugh

It’s A Jungle Out There

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They may well be publicity seeking, camera hogging, two faced, back stabbing drama Queens , but these people really do need your vote…..

Please validate their existence and vote

Jill Dando Shooting-Barry George Conviction “Unsafe”

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The Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Barry George, 47, in his second attempt to overturn his conviction for the murder of BBC presenter Jill Dando, 37, who was shot dead on the steps of her west London home in April 1999.

“The verdict is unsafe. The conviction will be quashed,” said presiding judge Nicholas Phillips. George was remanded in custody, as no application was made for bail.

One wonders, if found innocent, who the police will fit -up investigate next? Another fantasist? A Freddie Mercury-o-gram ? Or maybe somebody with mental health problems ? Easy-peasy eh, its not about truth is it? it’s about being seen to get the right man, even if they are the wrong man…… just ask Gerard Hunter, Richard McIlkenny, Paddy Hill, Stephan Kisko or even Derek Bentley ( Ah, alas, too late!)

UPDATE: I posted this in November 2007, today 1/08/2008, Barry George is finally a free man. Read the story here.

Don’t’cha just love British Justice eh ? “Best in the world” as Ruth Ellis used to say!

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