Kanye West And Paul McCartney…….

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Hear a sneak preview of the Kanye/ Sir Paul collaboration below

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Yes misogynist middle class “home boy” Kanye West and the frog loving legend who solved racial tensions by comparing the question of multiculturalism to a piano keyboard, Sir Paul Mc Cartney are set to release a duet. Said Sir Paul, giving his cringe worthy trade mark “peace” sign ; “I respect Kanye’s refreshingly modern attitude towards women, I believe he calls them Bitchz and I am very much “down” with that expression, baby”. Sir Paul denies the record is a dig at his ex wife Heather, who was recently seen on TV wild eyed, extracting the stuffing from the GMTV sofa with her teeth, claiming it had been bugged, she also stated that every one in the world, ever is against her. In a revealing interview to a remarkably straight faced Fiona Phillips, Ms Mills McCartney explained that Princess Diana is in fact her spirit guide and she has taped evidence that Diana’s crash was no accident in the Parisian tunnel that fateful night. Ms Mills-McCartney states she can prove beyond doubt that it was in fact an amphibious yellow submarine that caused the accident. She claims the sub, expertly manned by Ringo Starr was carrying out evil Sir Paul’s sick and twisted instructions on pain of death. “Is it a coincidence that Linda, John And George are dead??… and what of Brian Epstein, Brian Jones Keith Moon …and JFK ? “.. she rambled …… The VP Express is not one to judge peoples sanity and has nothing more to add to these grave accusations other than “I am the walrus- coo coo ca choo, ca coo coo ca choo Ahem!

Hip- Hop ??

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Beckham Mania Reaches Fever Pitch

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David Beckhams arrival in America provokes scenes not seen in the US since “Beatlemania” ,………….. or possibly not

McCartney – “Peg-Leg Stalker”

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Why that sly deranged old dog appears to have struck lucky in his exclusive private suite at his very own “Jet” hotel in Liverpool ,(Ok so it’s not quite as grand as “The John Lennon Airport” but slightly better than the “Ringo Starr Kebab House” in Prescot Road, but you can see what he’s trying to do, can’t you ? Not that he’s bitter you understand) but whose the lucky lady , or indeed pirate ?

McCartney – “Peg Leg Stalker” !

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The combination of another oddly angled photo and an optical illusion (this time of Welsh songstress and member of the Pipettes, Gwenno ), gives the deranged Sir Paul yet more false hope


Oh Lordy and when sir Paul hears of another “legless” celeb , he has a novel way of trying to pick ’em up. Well hes nothing if not persistant…gotta love the old fool