China Bans Non-Government Online-Video Sites

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Reports from China  suggest that The CPC ( lead by President  Hu Jintao ) have blocked web surfers from accessing  You Tube (see story).

The authorities signalled yesterday that they would no longer tolerate the “broadcast of degenerate thinking”, which has buggered Simon Cowells attempt to get  the “X” or “ɕ” Factor on in China (or snappily known in The Peoples Republic  as  “The Voiceless Alveolo-Palatal Fricative” Factor). I for one can see their point!

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Death penalty for China official

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China has sentenced the former head of the State Food and Drug Administration to death after he was convicted of corruption, state media has reported. He had been accused by an official investigation last month of accepting more than 6.5m yuan ($850,000) in bribes to approve hundreds of drugs. Dozens of people have died in China because of poor quality or fake drugs. Government officials deny this will have an effect onexports carrying the tag “Made In China” . “Our Products are still very safe” said a Party member yesterday