A New Low Even For The Daily Mail


The Daily Mail's Jan Moir

“Homophobia” By Chumbawamba

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According to  Daily Mail journalist Jan Moir, former Boyzone singer Stephen Gately died of “being gay.” The article can be read in it’s full vileness here

We have written to the press complaints comission to register our anger at such  a disgusting, inhuman and hateful article. We urge others to do the same. Moir will doubtless call this sort of thing  a ‘carefully orchestrated campaign’ .Ermmm by who we are not exactly sure,  probably those “gays” ?  Maybe Stephen Fry is pulling  everybody’s strings from his “lair” , that secret  hideaway, deep within a dormant volcano before he fires up his “Gay-Ray Gun” and turn us all into the sort of folk Moir disapporoves of ?   For the record we’re not gay,  we  f**king loathed  Boyside and Westzone’s music, but we do like to think  we are not totally devoid of humanity….anyway…here’s the letter to the PCC from “Team Pip “...

“I wish to complain about the breach of clause one of the code. It is factually inaccurate to say that young , healthy men do not go to bed and not wake up again.Apparently healthy people die every day due to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Moir dismisses the family’s assertion that their son’s death was due to a heart condition despite the fact that the cause of death, pulmonary oedema, happens as a result of heart failure.Also,is she asserting a link between cannabis use and heart failure?

I feel she is also in breach of clause twelve of the code in that she is using her factually inaccurate assertions to reinforce predjudices against a particular group of people on the basis of their sexual orientation.The whole tone of the article, from the headline onwards, is designed to portray the idea that Mr. Gately’s death was in some way sinister and that this is inextricably linked with the fact that he was homosexual.Had this tragedy happened to a heterosexual ‘celebrity’ , I don’t believe that it would have attracted the same type of comment and so on that basis I would argue that the article is discriminatory .”

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4 thoughts on “A New Low Even For The Daily Mail

  1. I just hope that the PCC take action against Jan Moir & The Daily Mail for allowing such vile & homophobic article to be published.

    No Matter what Jan Moir says it is obvious that what she wrote is her true opinion & for that alone she shoudl be dismissed from the paper & if possible charged under whatever dicriminatory laws we have.

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