An Indifferent Reception


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Media oligarch James Murdoch, Damien to Rupert’s Lucifer, has given a key note speech at the Edinburgh Television Festival about the future of  “media”.  He seems to suggest that the license fee isn’t value for money because the BBC actually give away too much free content ???

Yes, predictably he attacks Daddy’s “nemesi” hurling cliched brickbats at familiar targets such as the BBC, Virgin Media, your Aunt Joyce and anybody who might not wish to embrace the Sky TV “lifestyle choice philosophy” of a  KFC bucket of deep fried chickens feet, “Nuts” and “Zoo” laddishness, lots of piss weak overpriced lager and Tim Lovejoy-lite presenters  (if  Tim Lovejoy-lite is achievable Sky will excel baby! ).  Oh and “The expansion of state-sponsored journalism is a threat to the plurality and independence of news provision.” Bless, Daddy must be so proud whilst perfecting that comb-over to hide the three sixes on his noggin  and unlike Virgin Media and BT who objected to Government proposals  to punish illegal downloaders by switching off their Internet connection, Jim-bob wholeheartidly supports  such draconian action .. In fact he  thinks they should be executed, live on a new Sky TV reality show “Britains Stupidest Downloaders Who Pay a TV License Fee Whilst Don’t Subscribe To  Sky”

But some of us don’t actually see Sky TV” as a force for good….

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One thought on “An Indifferent Reception

  1. “The biggest risk is not of an Orwellian state (On the BBC being considered Orwellian. The BBC is not a part of the Orwellian state; it is a public corporation committed to fairness & objectivity which is understood worldwide. It would never unlike Murdoch’s Fox News broadcast rank half-truths about the NHS under the guise of being balanced & objective.). It is that our society is being taken over by a new class of super-rich unaccountable oligarchs in finance and in the media, with little interest in our culture, civilisation or society or vitality of our public realm. Step forward James Murdoch, preaching pluralism”. Will Hutton, Observer. – No truer word spoken.

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