You Never Know Who’s Listening In…


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David Cameron appointed former News of the World editor Andy Coulson as his director of communication  to bring his slick, oiley and some might say underhand,  tabloid skills to run the  Tory media machine. He may now be forced to sack him , rather like  Alastair Campbell, it appears the spin doctor has become the story .

Coulson was a free agent after he had resigned as editor of the Sunday newspaper in 2007 after taking responsibility for the tapping of the phones of royal staff by a NoW journalist who, alongside a private investigator, was jailed for the offence.

The Guardian claim that thousands of similar offences were committed, with the  Rupert Murdoch’s News International paying  £1m in out-of-court settlements to victims to keep  things hush-hush and Coulson is insisting he knew bugger all about it !!  That view is likely to be challenged and Coulson could once  again have to defend himself and face awkward questions  from the police if a fresh investigation is launched. So much for the Tories being “the party you can trust” eh ?

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