Gordon Brown Denies “Hero Complex”


“I saved the cheerleader” claims defiant Brown !! Yes, don’t worry people, Gordon Brown has “Saved The World” -(with a little help from SuperMan-delson!)- Hurrah ! (Story HERE)

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2 thoughts on “Gordon Brown Denies “Hero Complex”

  1. Well.. Well.. Well..

    Dear Mr Von Pip, another year has passed and another birthday is here.

    I’d just like to say…

    I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday
    becuase you’re evil and you lie
    and if you should die I may feel slightly sad, but I won’t cry

    so, drink, drink, drink and be ill tonight

    from the one you left behind.

    Best wishes for the 24th from Chelsea Blagger ‘the latest living Englishman’

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