Barack The Re-builder


The Von Pip Express would like to congratulate Mr Obama on his historic victory. We wish him well. To John McCain and Sarah Palin we feel it would be polite to express our commiserations, alas all we can say, hand on heart is…. “thank F**k! “

“Can We Fix It ? Yes We Can!”

(Listen to Barack’s Victory Song Below)

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5 thoughts on “Barack The Re-builder

  1. It’s amazingly refreshing to watch this man of great eloquence and inner strength become our president. It’s a vindication for Americans who have for so long watched the destruction of our principles.

  2. To the Great re-builder. Thank you for the 39 percent capital gains tax that will affect every one not just those making over $250.000.00 there are at least 3 Companies in Reno NV alone that are going under just in anticapation of this Great re-building plan. One of them in is a firm I manage. As to not drilling ofr oil in our counter. Tells the world we are selfish, arogant and thatwethink they are benith us. The reason, it is OK to produce oil in thier countrys (The Arab States) and destroy their ecology but no we can’t do that here. That is one of the reasons they don’t like us I know they have told me. And the war. I have captured Muslim terrorist on 3 continents. and they all sey the same thing when questioned. “We will wil you will lose you do not have the will to fight. We have a thousand years to kill you or convert you god does not care wich,” this is not about oil, bush or Israil. It is about The richest nations in the world keeping their own people poor and needing a scape goat… This is about the next Muslem Empire. And rember folks the “Bad” muslems would not have the resorces of an entire country Jimmy Carter did not give then Iran. All u young people do know the president of Iran is a terrorist, He was one of the leaders of the group that took over the us embasy. And Clinton gave better missle guidence tech in the name of peaceful relations. Now Obama has promised the dismantel all space weapons systems because they are an unnessary expence. That is our missel sheild but we don’t need that. in shot he will cripple the economy and weaken the military at the same time. there are 2 times in our history that this has happened both with democarts at the helm…befor ww1 and befor ww2. enjoy. your new America your “Brave New Wordl” but drugs will be leagle so no one will care and guns will not so no one can do any thing about it. when the last of your rights are taken one by one. Have a nice day.

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