Big Mouth Strikes Again


Well its been impossible to avoid in the UK , but perchance if you have lived in a cave here’s the story

My problem with it was the fact that Russell Brand and Jonathan “untouchable” Ross are paid between them over six million quid a year, for what? -So this is an example of their so called “edgy talent?  I’m sure the Beeb could walk into any school playground in the country and find more wit and ready repartee then this cretinous exercise in infantile “humour” ? Talk about dragging an unfunny joke out …(yawn.) It was only a matter of time before Woss’s increasingly pervy behaviour got him into trouble… At the end of the day It just wasn’t really very funny was it ? Whether it deserved the puritanical media storm that followed is another matter…The funniest thing to emerge from this was the Daily Mail going apoplectic about the matter-“a national disgrace”  etc – now that made me laugh !

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5 thoughts on “Big Mouth Strikes Again

  1. I’m sure you know with how much regard I hold you Mr VP, and I hope you’ll recognise that it’s with the upmost respect when I say that, like so many commentators on this bafflingly newsworthy piece of broadcasting, you’re dead wrong.

    Plenty of journalists with an axe to grind, without mentioning the thousands of narrow-minded, bandwagoning complainants from the great British public, have leveled similar accusations at the broadcast, labeling it “not funny,” and I would like to assert a different perspective. From my point of view, Russell Brand IS funny. I listen(ed) to his radio show every week and it has been of consistently high quality, regularly performing a delicate balancing act between the sophisticated and the puerile, the resultant combination being a complex, multi-layered concoction which has, regularly, rendered me speechless with laughter. I shan’t bother to defend specifically the event that has led to the absurd amount of cross-platform media clamour of the past week because the complainants aren’t level-headed enough to respond to reasoned argument, but it left me neither more shocked nor less amused than any previous programme had done.

    The point I am making is that comedy is at least as subjective as music, and as such it cannot be definitively stated one way or another whether any particular act, spiel or personality is or isn’t funny. I find The Office a completely humourless reconstruction of the calamitous cultural catastrophe which is reality television. I find BBC 6 Music’s George Lamb an abhorrent, self-satisfied example of the most arrogant kind of extroverted personality, given voice yet having nothing to say. But with both of these examples, there has apparently been a large enough, placated proportion of the national audience to sustain their continued creation and broadcast.

    Your own artwork above, Mr VP, as expertly crafted as it always is, makes, presumably, satirical reference to the event in question and transplants it to the best-known performance of the allegedly injured party of the event. I’d like to know in what way this is any more “funny” than the very same references made by Brand and Ross during that broadcast. Or is their observation invalidated by their own self-reference? Again, this is much too subjective an idea to quantify accurately.

    What this really boils down to, and the element of the entire shambles of a case which most angers me, is that a vocal majority, gathering behind a backward, conservative notion of acceptability, is able to sway the outcome of events simply by whingeing about it. You describe Ross in your above piece as “untouchable”, but doesn’t the past week’s rigmarole prove beyond doubt that this just isn’t true? What has been borne out this week demonstrates that public opinion, no matter how ill-informed, has the power to implement wide-reaching changes in the cultural landscapes.

    It’s the same process by which the Christmas number one is predetermined by a commercial television station and a high-powered, high-trousered “music” executive each year.

    It’s the means by which hate-filled, cerebrally-challenged tabloid newspapers and their glossy, celebrity-obsessed progeny continue to be published and circulated in the hundreds of thousands.

    It’s the staggeringly unjust phenomenon which, last week, led to David Cameron, a politician, apparently, and leader of the party which will more than likely form the next government of the United Kingdom, making a public statement about a piece of relatively niche-audience broadcast comedy. Under the advice of his publicist, who once was editor-in-chief of the News of the World, the Conservative leader renounced the actions of Brand and Ross, laying down the gauntlet, party politics being what it is, to our Prime Minister, one Gordon Brown, to do the same but better. So he did.

    I find the publicity surrounding this benign bit of radio not the least bit amusing, and its potential long-term impact on broadcast media in any art-form extremely concerning. To bear this out to its logical conclusion, no broadcaster will dare to take a risk on anything new or edgy or subversive again. All we will have for “amusement” will be the likes of My Family, the blandest, most unfunny, made-by-committee example of the sit-com ever produced in this country. But it’s the BBC’s single most-watched ongoing comedy series, making it hot property and thus, along with the doddering Last of the Summer Wine, it will continue to be produced ad infinitum. It’s not offensive, so it won’t generate news headlines, so the Daily Mail readers will be pacified. I would ask any outwardly-thinking human being to question whether this is what they want “their license fee” to be spent on.

    I’ve gone on for much longer than your original comment sir, so I’ll wind down now, but I’d like to set the record straight first. Jonathan Ross does not draw a £6 million salary from the BBC. His production company, Hot Sauce, has a three-year contract with the corporation, amounting to about that figure, but it’s not a sum that goes straight to his pocket. As something of a selective viewer when it comes to television, his company has made some of the most interesting and entertaining things I’ve seen in recent years, including the brilliant Japanorama and his exceptional documentaries for BBC Four’s comics season. I don’t know how recent events will event that contract, but I’d be sorry to see the prospect of future programmes of that kind leave the wonderfully commercial-free platform of the BBC.

  2. And I also regard you as a Prince amongst men but with respect -Calm down man, you sound like a Daily Mail reader!! I dont really give a flying f**k how Woss’s money is divided, the fact that he gets paid way too much money to be abjectly unfunny is enough for me. Pay me a cool 2 million less and I can be, as you have so eloquently eluded, just as unfunny. I’m glad Ross is gone,(albeit for a short period of time) not because he offended me,(although I fail to see the humor in shouting “he f**ked your daughter” – Hilarious! I fear my sides have split- its hardly boundary pushing humour ala Chris Morris is it -I mean what was actually funny about the whole thing-Maybe if you’re 12 you might snigger?- Ross or Brand Subversive? Do me a favour they are about as subversive as Lenny Henry or Lenny Bennet) –

    I’m glad hes gone because hes quite simply an overpaid,stupid, celebrity show-off, who has gradually turned his show into an excuse to letch and talk utter shite to his showbizz “buddies”. He’s as responsible as X-Factor, Anton Dec Davina “F**ing” McCall et all for dumbing down TV and worshiping at the altar of reality TV Z-list celebs. Brand I can just about take, although he’s no Steve Coogan, However The great Viennese satirist and scourge of Nazism Karl Kraus once said, “When I think of Adolf Hitler, nothing occurs to me.” To paraphrase: when I think of Russell Brand, nothing occurs to me.If media reports are to be believed, Mr Ross has caused immense irritation with his smug, sneery humour and appears to be the first to cry ‘lawyer’ and ‘privacy’ if any of his ‘rights’ are intruded or breached. Coupled with his pomposity over that salary its no wonder Fleet Street have rubbed their hands with glee over this ever so public indiscretion and will milk this for all its worth. What I find offensive is that such juvenile behaviour (like two teenage boys in their bedroom) gets so obscenely financially rewarded – and there’s no getting away from it, his wages are obscene. You see I’m so bloody hip I don’t have to pretend to be “down” with Woss & Bwand-I mean who else could get away with a tache and still look like a sexy mo’fo ?

    Censorships a tricky issue and yes there’s the on/off button, but when there are young children in the house your views do change…but even as a teen I wouldn’t have found this “prank” remotely funny. I say we ban everything , X-Factor, LOTSW, My Family all utter shite, yet all loved by the public, just as Woss is. F**k all these cretinous Poncy “Personality” presenters with their “wacky” personas and “edgy” humour. Bring back “Indooor League” with Fred Trueman, you knew were you were with Fred. A pipe, a pint and not a bum boy in sight ( Oh wait am i being ironic, or just offensive- Gosh its so difficult to tell these days) I cant stand Ricky Gervais but found the Office and Extras brilliant, most people I’ve met who didnt like The Office, worked in one and took office life ever so seriously. In the past you have said you find Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s humour bullying but isn’t that exactly what Woss and Bwand are ? How is this any less stupid and puerile than say the George Lamb and Ray Davies affair- Loud mouths basically trying to shock?

    Talking of funny I found the whole media hissy fit hilarious possibly as funny as the hissy fit and subsequent staunch defense of two men, who really don’t merit such loyalty, by “hipsters” . Liberals will scream ” Waaaw- censorship”, I just think the words “reap” and “sow” come to mind. What we actually need is a Stalinist-type state run TV, which will inject fear into the masses. We need War and a healthy state of constant terror to make us feel alive again, instead of bickering over pampered poncy arsed celebs- Really there is more to fight over than the banality of Woss, we are all getting flabby and becoming what we hate. War and a healthy fear of the state is the only answer !

    Sadly there is domestic violence, murder, rape, homophobia , racism and Dawn French all around us , and what do we get wound up about? Our precious “rights” – Its “Generation ME,ME,ME” I want to hear this, I demand to see that, I Deserve this, why wait, I’m worth it- Christ everybody needs to work a shift down t’pit to gain some perspective. Its all rather depressing that these two pricks have even started this debate and yes Ive been drawn into it like a moth to the flame, or a fly to shite- I fear the vacuum of inanity has me in its grip. Still I am enjoying the credit crunch- there are them words again “reap” and “sow” …Still we all know its ALL Thatchers fault.

    F**k liberalism lets get some labour camps going in which pampered celebs are incarcerated and routinely beaten -Now that’d make TV

    Ah this is just like the old days !

  3. I have to agree,this isn’t about censorship per se, its about two overpaid grown men( Ross is almost fifty) abusing an old fellow, for what reason exactly ? The cheapest of cheap laughs! Lazy infantile behavior from , fellows who are supposed to be professionals- Did Sachs deserve to be humiliated? I think not. Ross and Brand are pathetic and unfunny, for that alone Iam glad they will no longer grace the BBC. Its not about standards, its the fact that if you are paid so high a wage to essentially be “funny” and this puerile humor is the best, then you deserve to be sacked.

  4. This amused me,it would appear Mister Lions gripe is purely due to the fact that he cant now enjoy the wonders of Ross or Brand’s special talent via the Beeb-( Don’t worry Murdoch will soon have them on his payroll) whilst singularly failing to address the issue- Which is leaving a message on an elderly thesps answer phone about “f**king his granddaughter” like a politician he has skirted the issue-why? because he cant justify it that’s why. Im as left wing as they come but i recognise that this broadcast was humourless and crude and well, just a little bit sad. That doesn’t make me in anyway conservative-it means rubbish like this just isn’t funny. If you find Ross’s sexist humour funny, well I suggest you tune into Men and Motors or Bravo-The Beeb shouldn’t be the home to such a d*ck

  5. Well some people, it seems, find Ross’ childishly vindictive, often sexist humour funny. Ross was responsible for whipping Brand into such a childish frenzy of delight I thought the long haired fop would actually explode or come in his pants. There is one way to enjoy Ross’s humour, simply remove your brain before watching or listening to his show. He’s a horrible, creepy sexist, who treats his female guests as pieces of meat and often makes them feel very uncomfortable, if this is your sort of humour well bully for you. I certainly won’t miss him. Brand is multi-layered is he, really? You can talk him up, through choice phrases straight from media studies such as “subverting the mainstream”-but actually all your getting is Bernard Manning in a frock coat – As a woman I find him neither funny or engaging- Just a braggart, a bore and an immature little boy. Boasting about his s*xual conquests is hardly the mark of a mature, right thinking male. But hey maybe you think this is acceptable -for the record iam not a prude nor a conservative, please dont call us all puritans or right wing kill joys simply beacuse we don’t find this sort of humour funny

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