Beijing 2008


The atmosphere in Beijing is thick with excitement, as well as Ozone, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen oxides! Personally Im looking forward to the “Tiananmen Dash,” in which teams have to skillfully avoid tanks and volleys of bullets, the country with the most survivors wins ! Let the games begin….

“China has announced that during the Olympics, protesters will be allowed to assemble in designated protest areas. Yeah. Or, as they’re commonly called in China, jails.” –Conan O’Brien

Recent  terrorist trouble in Xinjiang, has meant that local indie tribute band Ho Lean & The Xinjiang Xong, have dropped out of the Olympic opening ceremony. Lead singer Ho Lean explained “It’s not about the terrorist threat, or the fact that we annoy people, lots, we just felt it”s come too early in our career….anyway we want to make music that a tribe in Papua New Guinea can relate to…I want to be an other-worldly being! (CUCKOO!)

Rock N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution ?

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