Seroxat – My Drug Buddy

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“The Drugs Don’t Work” and evidently neither does the law. Read the story  here. It’s depressing.  Yet another loophole that sees big business getting away with murder

“The Drugs Don’t Work ” By The Verve

One thought on “Seroxat – My Drug Buddy

  1. Stay away from Seroxat, it is absolutely lethal, it almost killed me when I was on it..

    If SSRI antidepressants “appear” to work in some people, it is because they are designed to numb the individuals emotions and feelings. For a large number of people they cause more problems than they help. One such drug is Seroxat (Or Paxil as it is called in the US) I myself was prescribed this defective and dangerous poison and I am lucky to have lived to tell the tale. Seroxat has become synonymous with increses in suicide, aggression and abnormal behavior. The risks do not outweigh any so called “benefits”. It is an absolute disgrace that this drug is still on the market. The negative press it has received over the past 10 years is staggering, from reports of suicides induced by the drug to horrific withdrawal effects to birth defects in babies. Most of these risks are admitted now by the manufacturer, GSK , but still all the data about Seroxat has not been released into the public domain. This drug needs to be pulled from the market immediately. It is absolutely lethal .

    For more information on the horrible dangers of Seroxat, please check out my blog :

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