Hilary Clinton – When Is A Lie Not A Lie?

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She may well have considered her Balkan adventure to be a case of “Courage Under Fire” but we at the VPE think its more a case of “Liar Liar” Well the Clintons have redefined what constitutes infidelity and now many a bloke can say “well dear does a blowie really count ?” Now they have reinvented what a lie is ! Apparently she didn’t tell fibs, porkies or even lie, oh no , she simply “misspoke.” almost as if it was quite accidental . The language of politics eh ?”Misspoke” sounds somehow softer, cuddlier than “YUP I lied” and was probably employed to leave us scratching our heads . (“Misspoke?” What the F**k does that even mean ? What did she misspeak about ?..  Dunno Can’t remember now , Man I’m confused ! Pass me another Bud, Dolores”)

Now the only “congress” I thought Bill was interested in was that of a sexual nature, but I thought Hilary had a bit more sense. Apparently not ! Who would be daft enough to vote for such a rotten fibber, one whose lies were so rubbish that I do actually believe at one point her pants actually caught fire ! At least the current President is a fine…oh …..erm.. wait..Hmmm..point taken. Leave ’em to it eh ! We note with no small amount of amusement that The Washington Post has awarded Hilary a “Four Pinocchio” rating

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Seroxat – My Drug Buddy

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“The Drugs Don’t Work” and evidently neither does the law. Read the story  here. It’s depressing.  Yet another loophole that sees big business getting away with murder

“The Drugs Don’t Work ” By The Verve

Labours Green Policies Slammed

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The Independent call it “The Great Green Betrayal” . But are we surprised that Gordon Brown isn’t green ? He doesn’t do colours really does he ? He ditched red for blue, and now like John Major seems quite content with various shades of grey. He’s hardly the Jolly Green Giant, more the Dour Grey Ditherer. Why on earth he invited that mad old shrew, Thatcher, to Downing Street last year I’ll never know. What advice could  she give him “ The Climates Not For Changing? “ . The only woman who’d keep pushing a door until the end of time that says “Pull” whilst growling “This ladies not for turning!!”  Some call it conviction politics, I call it mad as a bleeding hatter!”

Ian Paisley-“The Mouth That Roared”

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Now Ian Paisley ( the Politician who loved to say “NOI!” ie “no”) is retiring, what use can his gargantuan mouth be put to now? A not altogether attractive entrance to the Mersey Tunnel perhaps?

Harry Windsor, Just A Regular Joe!

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After revelations that copper topped super hero Prince Harry has been fighting the Taliban single hand-idly, using only a tooth pick and plenty of British pluck in Afghanistan, the M.O.D have been quick to squash rumours that Harry was treated any differently to a regular soldier. They also deny that Harry’s presence there was a distraction, or that it could have put his unit in danger.  However our exclusive picture may suggest a different story…..