“I’m No Judas” Says John Terry!

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John Terry could take legal action after claims that he is a ‘Judas’ who betrayed “The Special One” Jose Mourhino to the “Roman” Empire. Various reports have suggested that the Chelsea captain was the catalyst behind Mourinho’s exit from the club. The Observer in particular suggested that ‘Mourinho holds Terry responsible for charges levelled by Chelsea’s board of directors that he had lost the support of his playing staff’. The VP Express has no opinion on this matter but it should be pointed out that Terry is reported to receive 130,000 pieces of silver per week (!!) from Roman.

One thought on ““I’m No Judas” Says John Terry!

  1. great image VP.

    i think this story just gets better.

    i did a spoof forecast of events during last season’s Champion’s League. my football forecasts were way off beam but i did foretell Jose’s departure on terms which were spookily accurate. if you’re interested check out the posting ‘forecasting’ back on my blog.

    fed up of all the female wailing over his departure i did a posting just for the girls on ‘best looking football managers of all time’ with the special one no 1 of course.

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