Babies Learn To Like Junk Food In The Womb

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Eating unhealthy food whilst pregnant can make kids lardy

Children exposed to “maternal junk food” in the womb or early in life may find it harder to resist an unhealthy diet as they grow older, say the researchers.

Dr Stephanie Bayol, from the Royal Veterinary College in London, said: “Our study has shown that eating large quantities of junk food when pregnant and breastfeeding could impair the normal control of appetite and promote an exacerbated taste for junk food in offspring.”

However not all the experts agree, Doctor Ronald Henry McDonald of McResearch Ltd – (11 – 59 High Road East Finchley, London N2 8AW) for example, states, ” there is no such thing as junk food, if children get fat and die , that’s their own fault, we,…. I…I mean the fast food industry cannot be blamed. They certainly don’t promote their food to children.”

Hmm so a “Happy Meal” (including free toy ) advertised by a clown giving away brightly coloured balloons is supposed to appeal to whom…? George W. Bush ?… Not me though, I’ve seen “IT,” Pennywise, the dancing clown scared the B’jesus out of me and no mistake.

But babies developing a taste for Big Macs ? I can just see McDonald’s execs rubbing their hands together with glee can’t you ? Hook em before they are even born. Scary…


Oi Chantelle, the sprogs tryin’ to say Mummy “


“awww how cute, could be little Wayne’s first word ? “

“M-M-M-McDonalds , M-M-MCDONALDS ”

And sadly that’s slightly worse than Motherf***er in my book.

4 thoughts on “Babies Learn To Like Junk Food In The Womb

  1. Liberals and soft lefties may talk about the poor underclass needing education about food related health issues. I say bollocks, on these chavs and scallys education is wasted and pointless, why you ask? Because they already know the damage they are doing to their children by feeding them a high sugar and high fat diet, its simply down to the fact that they are so totally self absorbed with their own mindless existence of booze, fags, shoplifting and domestic violence that they can’t be bothered, come on junk food is not exactly the cheapest diet to feed your kids is it, so don’t blame poverty.

    McDonald’s should be applauded for helping the natural evolution of the species by wiping out the next generations of the type of scum that is eroding the fabric of decent society. What really makes be sick is the fact that these petty thieving, unwashing, tattooed lowlifes are proud of their teenage pregnancies and cheap cider habits.



    Chelsea Blagger

    1. that was a bit prejudice… whatever the fuk floats ur boat. “petty thieving, unwashing, tattooed lowlifes” are not really well educated because most of the border hoppers in the US barely had any schooling. Most Hispanics which I have observed are practically living off of McDs… The most illegal immigrants who reside in the united states are not well educated. However, if you consider the “petty thieving, unwashing, tattooed lowlifes” to be educated on healthy eating habits, it is safe to conclude that your definition of education is very limited. I’m curious about your views on the rise of the Indian population in UK.

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