Tory Party Take Radical Action To Contain Outbreak Of “Foot In Mouth”Disease

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When does somebody cease to be an affable, eccentric oaf and become a bigoted, ignorant racist ? Sometimes a shake of the carefully manufactured ruffled head, a cry of “Oh Cripes!” and the trademark insincere mumbled, shoulder shrugging half-arsed apology through a schoolboy smirk just doesn’t cut the mustard .


The bigotry of bumbling Boris

2 thoughts on “Tory Party Take Radical Action To Contain Outbreak Of “Foot In Mouth”Disease

  1. You appear to have an issue with Boris Johnson running for Mayor of London, well let me tell you a short story.

    Not long after i’d left Her Majesty’s Armed forces I was doing a bit of security work at Television Centre and I was lucky enough to be standing behind one Boris Johnson in the BBC canteen, he was ordering a mixed grill followed by a chocolate pudding. I decided that, as I had recently been warned by my own G.P. to watch my cholesterol level, that it would be a kindly gesture to remind this bastion of British politics that his meal of choice may not be the healthiest of options.
    Mr Johnson responded by thanking me for my
    advice and changed his order to a lightly dressed crab salad followed by a simple bowl of fruit. This just goes to show you that given the opportunity Boris is clearly capable of making the right decisions. I bet ‘Red Ken’ would have simply told me to piss off and mind my own bloody business.


    Chelsea Blagger

  2. I’m afraid you fell for one of dear old Bo’Jos famous sleight of hands there sir. Its an oft used trick by politicians, I do believe its called “ingratiation.”

    The same thing happend to Tim Brooke Taylor, Sir William Of Oddie and the learned Dr Grahame Garden. They were using their famous and environmentally friendly mode of transport (known as the “trandem”) to happily free wheel around our great capital when, to their horror they spotted what appeared to be an albino gent with downes syndrome driving a gas guzzling 4×4!

    On closer inspection Dr Garden recognised the owner of the offending vehicle from the TV quiz show circuit , yes it was none other than Boris Johnson. Stern words were exchanged with regard to the environment and a chastened Bo Jo swore he would follow the Goodies “modus operandi” with regard to inner city transport.

    However I have proof positive that Bojo drives into Central London at the crack of dawn, hides his 4×4 and hops on to his unicycle at which point he then furiously pedals around the capital in search of paparazzi, yes,yes its true – he actually stalks them. (One poor young pap actually has an injunction out against BJ on grounds of harassment)

    I would therefore submit that upon leaving BBC HQ , with a quick look around, to ensure you were long gone , Bozza hotfooted it to his favourite Toffs restaurant , and was soon gorging on several medallions of Beef , drizzled in a light “Marxist Tear ” sauce and doing his cholesterol no manner of injury !

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