Boris Johnson To Sue Pete Doherty

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Oh dear , what does he look like ? “Waiting For Pete Doherty To Dye” perhaps?

“Waiting For Pete Doherty To Die” By The Indelicates

3 thoughts on “Boris Johnson To Sue Pete Doherty

  1. If you followed the news in the mid nineties you may remember the name Little Anthony.
    Little Anthony was a well none east end villain with a penchant violence, particularly when it came to somebody handing over something he wanted, with Little Anthony it wasn’t just a case of getting a slap, as Anthony was always tooled up and the chances were you were going to get a shooter shoved in your boat race, and believe me Anthony’s trigger finger wasn’t the steadiest if you get my drift.

    Little Anthony hit the headlines during the summer of 1997 when he was lifted for his part in the Knightsbridge safety deposit box robbery. Anthony and his firm had teamed up with a couple of Italian villains who had a man on the inside of the safety deposit box company, but needed some local muscle and knowledge to pull off such a big blag.

    I first met Little Anthony back in late ‘96 when I was home on leave from the army; it was in an illegal drinking club situated in a back room of the 147 snooker hall just off the Kilburn high road. Part of the reason I’d joined the army in the first place was to try and avoid mixing with this new breed of villains that were all over London at the time, these guys were not like the old school who had a sense of order to their criminality, these new villains seemed to enjoy the violence more that an actual blag itself, my chance meeting with Little Anthony was now bringing me into contact with the king of this new breed, the breed that I had signed up to try and avoid.

    It was Scotch ‘Arry who first introduced me to Little Anthony. Little Anthony was just the sought of bloke that you’d want on your side in a fight, he was about 6’8”, hence the name ‘Little’ Anthony and he was built like the proverbial brick outhouse, well as luck would have it, or not, I did get in to a fight that night, and yes, Little Anthony was good enough to lend a hand, well a hand with a shooter in it to be precise. I wont go into the details of the fight but once dust and smoke had cleared in that back room and the clientele had got back to their drinking and whoring, I turned to Anthony and said ‘thanks mate, I owe you one’ to which he replied ‘yes, yes you do’.

    I returned to my unit a couple of days after the Kilburn incident and pretty much forgot about my encounter with Little Anthony until several years later when I was once again on leave and visiting some of my old pals. We were having a quit drink one night in a boozer called The Stanley Tavern, just down from the arches on the Mile End road, when one of Little Anthony’s boys recognised me from that night in the back of the 147, the night were Anthony had saved me from being pretty badly carved up by some mental case with a dislike for squaddies. This character introduced himself simply as Jimmy and went on to ask me if I had heard that Little Anthony had been charged and was now doing 9 years in Pentonville nick for his part in the safety deposit box job, I replied that I had read it in the papers and thought that giving him 9 years was a ‘bloody liberty’. Jimmy then told me that as Anthony was now on the inside he was calling in a number of debts in order to get some jobs done, and that I still owed him.

    About 2 days later a visiting order arrived in the post at my mums flat on the Bentham Hill estate, the visiting order was from Little Anthony and it had my name on it.

    I visited Little Anthony 3 days later, well I didn’t really have a choice did I. Anthony was never one for small talk so he cut straight to the point, ‘I want you did do a little job for me, a job that wipes you slate clean’ whether I wanted to or not I new that Little Anthony didn’t take kindly to refusals. I gritted my teeth nodded as Anthony explained my method of repayment.

    It turned out that Little Anthony’s cell mate was a character called the Terry ‘the weasel’ Smith who did a stretch of bird the same time as Jeffrey Archer and by all accounts became rather tight with old Jeffery. It appears that Terry the weasel had convinced Little Anthony that the streets of London will be a villain’s paradise under the Mayorship of Tory candidate Boris Johnson and yes you’ve guessed it my method of payment to settle my score with Little Anthony, simply KILL KEN!


    Chelsea Blagger

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