The Crazy World Of Kate Nash-Belated Birthday Greetings

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Well we have been somewhat remiss here at The Von Pip Express. We totally forgot about one of our favorite singers birthdays. Still we did send Kate Nash some belated gifts, which she appeared to be quite delighted with ! Wicked!

2 thoughts on “The Crazy World Of Kate Nash-Belated Birthday Greetings

  1. During the early eighties I was working with a pal of mine little Harry Wallace, or Scotch ‘Arry to his mates, -a couple of years later I did two months in the glass house with Scotch ‘Arry for straightening out out sailor who had been taking liberties with a local barmaid, but thats another story- we had a nice little window cleaning round and were doing very well. On Friday afteernoons we always worked the Streatham Hill estate, because that was Giro day and we wanted to make sure that we got paid. I remember on one occasion knocking at number 52 and being greeted by a young women, only years later would I realise that this young women was infact the second cousin, twice removed of the pop singer Kate Nash.


    Chelsea Blagger

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