Harry Potter Help Line Set Up!

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A national children’s helpline says it’s ready to deal with calls from Potter fans who may feel emotionally traumatised after the final book in the series is published. Childline took a large volume of calls from teens who were upset when Take That split in 1996 and say a similar reaction may occur with the end of the Potter books.

It said “the death of any of the major characters in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows could be very hard on younger readers.” Dearie me, are we so emotionally retarded that we need counseling for fictional characters now ? Has the world gone completely mad ? Can they really be serious ?

Personally I was gutted when Sirius Black was killed off …sniffle.. DEAL WITH IT …ITS NOT REAL !

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Help Line Set Up!

  1. I don’t like this article. I’ve been reading Harry Potter almost my whole life. (First book came out when I was 6.) It’s more than a book to some people, it’s part of our life. Sorry for being passionate about something.

  2. If you don’t like it then I will happily assist, and help you …..”Evanesco”. Ironic really, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I defend JK Rowling, yet I have a sense of humour ? Could this be the ultimate paradox ?

    I suggest a short course of “Getting Out More” , followed by listening to the audio self help CD
    “People In Books Aren’t Real Unless its a Biography ” read by Alan Rickman.

    Mind you maybe one helpline is justified …now where on earths the number for “The People Who Ruin The Harry Potter Finale” helpline

    Expecto Patronum

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