Harry Potter Mania, Plus New Twist

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And still on a literary note ……its almost time for the final installment of the publishing phenomenon that is “Harry Potter ” to be unveiled. However in an unforeseen plot twist , “The Von Pip Express “can reveal exclusively that there may yet be more mileage to be gleaned from the series….

30 thoughts on “Harry Potter Mania, Plus New Twist

  1. Jk Rowling must be having kittens about some of her readerships grammar. I believe the slang would be “uber” not “ooooooober”, which to be quite honest, sounds rather like a line from a “Care Bears” movie. I’d spend the summer vacation learning english if I were you.


  2. Man, these Potter freaks need to lighten up and get a sense of humour, yeah and learn, like Harry, how to “spell” properly. So much for JK helping raise the literacy standards for the playstaion generation. So who is really retarded?

  3. Fear not, von pip, I believe you’ve tapped into the 8 year old market. who knew they all had such an ill sense of humor and such far reaching access to the interwebs? they should get back to their leap frog.

  4. Well, I am a HP fan and I still loved it. Points to the large underground fan fic out there. Thanks for the laugh VP.

  5. i have heard that it might come a new bock but i dont think it would be about pregnance… even if a lot of uss adolts love the story it is, after all a childrens story…

    but it is anyway the best story i have read in a loooooong time! j.K Rowling is a fantastic writer…

  6. hot! im a big harry poter fan, i say, some one at hogwarts NEEDS to get pregnant, some one who is 13-17!!!!!!!!!! A school is just not a shool with out a pregnant teen! my BFF Cia is pregnant, she is 13! wut wetev, dats all i gotta say!

  7. i think that every book J.K writes is good for sure i will for sure buy it because this writer is the best
    good luck for the book J.K Rowling
    you rock
    P.S i wished that you will write another book my dream came true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. omg well we will see the harry potte fiml to go i am a big fan of harry potter and i have look all round this is the only one i have seen it on and enyway she is older now so she might be

  9. hello,,,,, my name is ratna.I from indonesia. I love J.K. rowling’s novel very much….
    i hope, i can meet you mrs, J.K. rowling.

  10. i am a complete harry potter freak. and this made me laugh…really really hard. so the people getting all offended should probably just stick to myspace. and the ones asking ‘is this real?!?!’ are not really harry potter fans because if they were they would not need to ask stupid questions. this is fabulous

    1. Glad to see someone has a sense of humour Adrienne. I’m a Potter fan myself, and looking forward to seeing the “Half Blood Prince” on the big screen

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