Bernard Manning

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A public appearance by Bernard Manning was never cause for celebration ………until now

I don’t know where the racist, homophobic, misogynist is now , but the smart moneys on somewhere rather hot…

8 thoughts on “Bernard Manning

  1. That one’s not really funny mate. Whether you didn’t like his humour or not, the guy is still dead, his existance is over, and leaves behind a bereaved and mourning family.

    So he told racist jokes, big deal! Did he kill anyone? Stab anyone? Rape anyone? Oh look, no he didn’t!! Exactly.

  2. Did he incite racial hatred?- Check
    Did Stephen Lawrence die as a result of racial hatred? -check ( No I’m not blaming Manning personally obviously, but we have a responsibility in society over whats acceptable and what isn’t and the climate we create, in his ignorant hate filled world he treated violence against blacks and the sexual abuse of women as the norm, and something to laugh about )
    Did he tell jokes about the holocaust? -Check
    Did he treat women as second class citizens?-Check
    Was he a cunt ?- Check
    Was anything taboo in his catalog of “jokes” – NOPE-
    -Exactly .
    So stop whining, if you want a cause, pick something thats deserving eh, “mate”

  3. Bernard Manning was a gentleman.

    As a family friend Bernard performed at numerous birthday parties for my young nephews and nieces. It was a delight to see the smiles on their innocent faces as ‘uncle’ Bernard generously shared his humour.

    Bernard will always be remembered with warmth and affection by those youngsters and he would be proud to see their young hearts and minds develop into the next generation of proud patriots.

    Bernard Manning, GOD BLESS YA’ SQUIRE.

    Chelsea Blagger

  4. I like the way vonpip conveniently shoehorns all that hate into his post, yet none of what he says addresses the original poster’s point and more importantly his hate of Manning is far greater a character flaw than Manning’s harmless jokes about all kinds of people – himself included.

  5. Bravo , We have a winner .. A white pillow slip with eyes holes , plus boxed sets of “Love Thy Neighbour ” and the rib tickling “Mind Your Language ” on ethnically cleansed Hi-Definition DVDs are all their way to you. Interesting that you find a hatred of racism, sexism, and homophobia a character flaw ….as is the fact you find jokes about all of the above just a “bit of harmless fun” …. Mind you I’m sure you” love Indian food , some you your best friends are women and of course you own “Whitney Houstons Greatest Hits” which makes you a “Top Bloke” ….. each to their own eh Adolf ?

  6. Well said Von Pip , “harmless fun” is so often given as an excuse for outright bigotry . I think you addressed the point quite eloquently . No,Manning didn’t kill anybody but he did make a contribution to making racisim acceptable within the circle of his pea brained , sexually inadequate “fans”

  7. Thanks , to be honest I’m amazed that Manning fans can actually type, must be difficult to drag those floor grazed knuckles off the ground. 😉

  8. A gentleman? Bernard Manning? Twaddle!

    I’ve always been wary of “humourists” who employ xenophobia and so-called “patriotic” ideals in their routines. The very idea of small children being exposed to such abhorrently misleading concepts in the name of laughter makes my skin crawl.

    It should be a mark of shame that “comedy” like his was found acceptable in the mainstream a generation or so back. While I’d never wish death upon anybody, the opportunity to move forward into more accepting and less segregational ways of thinking should be grasped with both hands.

    The attitudes Manning expressed in his “jokes” weren’t just outdated, they were completely unacceptable in any era.

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