Tony Blair Middle East Peace Envoy

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Peace Envoy ? I know he thinks he’s a player on the international stage but “peace” envoy ?

All he seems to have done in the Middle East is cause chaos and misery ? Ask your self this ….is the world a safer place because of Blair and Bush’s actions in the middle east ?

Tony Blair – International Man Of Misery

3 thoughts on “Tony Blair Middle East Peace Envoy

  1. I think the answer to your question is an obvious NO!! But maybe if we are lucky, Bushie will keep Blair busy knitting sweaters for him or something, and Tony won’t screw things up any worse. But in truth, Blair is just a presidential lap-dog. He would give anything to be a president, not just a P.M. so maybe thats why he kisses so much U.S. ass. He got down on his knees for Clinton the same way he does for Bush.

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